Medical Weight Loss in Libertyville, IL


Our Medical Weight Loss program provides personalized services to help you achieve your weight loss goals. We offer consultations, laboratory tests, and monthly in-person and virtual check-ins. Our expert team may also prescribe medications such as Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and B12 with MIC to aid in your weight loss journey. The designers of this program aimed to assist individuals in addressing their weight-related concerns safely and effectively. It focuses on treating areas such as stubborn fat deposits, metabolic issues, and overall body composition. We tailor our medical weight loss program to meet each patient’s unique needs, ensuring that we provide personalized care to every individual.

Individuals may experience positive changes with our Medical Weight Loss program in a few weeks to months, although results may vary. The duration of effects largely depends on various factors, including your adherence to the program and lifestyle choices. With proper maintenance, the benefits of medical weight loss can be long-lasting, helping you maintain a healthier weight and overall well-being. Consider scheduling an appointment with Cahaba Aesthetics, located in Libertyville, IL. Their knowledgeable team can guide you to help you reach your weight loss objectives.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss


A good candidate includes individuals looking to address weight-related concerns, such as obesity or overall health improvement, through a medically supervised and personalized approach.

Results may vary, but most individuals can expect to see gradual progress over time. The timeline for noticeable results varies based on personal factors and commitment to the program.

This program can provide long-lasting benefits, but it’s important to note that the duration of results may vary from person to person.

Side effects may vary, and downtime is typically minimal.

Our team will provide personalized guidelines for preparation and aftercare.

You will receive a tailored weight loss plan, including medications and regular check-ins to monitor your progress.

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